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Hi, my name is Caylin, and I am the founder of EnKō Beauty. After I graduated and began my career in cosmetology in 2014, I began posting my artistry on social media. I could never have guessed what an impact this would have on my career. this continued to fuel my
creativity with makeup, and it became my passion.
As social media marketing progressed, the incredible number launches for makeup was startling. As I studied these launches, I began to realize that nearly every line required a single product for each use, which translates to an abundance of waste in terms of packaging, containers, tools and
even the marketing process. The overwhelming and repetitive launches almost brought a distaste for my love of makeup. This concern is exactly what pushed me into finding ways to minimize my own makeup kit. Developing EnKō with both professionals and everyday users in mind to offer high-quality, multipurpose products that encourage simplicity, inspire creativity and enhance the joy that makeup brings to so many of us!
I hope using EnKō Beauty will inspire as much joy in you at it does for me in creating it!